Sunday, 17 February 2013

Jan Lucky No. 3940 open ibet Starter !

As mentioned, TPK numbers would open during CNY period & to watch out for past few months numbers.

This time, Jan 2013 Amoy Street TPK Temple lucky number (3940) open ibet  STARTER (9403) on 16 Feb (Sat) draw, in just less than 2 weeks.

Congrats to those whom have followed the lucky numbers faithfully.. Huat ah !!!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Chinese New Year Bonanza !!

As mentioned in my earlier post to take note of last few months Tua Pek Kong 4D numbers nearer to CNY, some have feedback that a few lucky numbers came out ibet !

1) Oct 2012 Number ( 3585 ) -  8535 Came out 3rd Prize on 3 Feb 2013 (Sun)
2) Dec 2012 Number ( 7839 ) - 7983 Came out Consolation on  6 Feb 2013 (Wed)

Congrats & I think more to come from now till CNY period next 2 weeks. Take note !

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

2013 Jan Lucky Tua Pek Gong 4D !!

Happy New Year to all readers & here's the lucky 4D number manifested by Tua Pek Kong.

Based on past experience, do monitor closely the current & past 2-3 months of lucky numbers manifested by Amoy Street Tua Pek Kong temple as it tend to open near to Chinese New Year period.. as Tua Pek Kong tend to be very generous & want you to have a windfall to enjoy  a big fat Chinese New Year !!

Btw, if you have benefited from the 4D numbers manifested and would like to do thanksgiving, the temple would be performing a 2013 lighting ritual (北斗七星光明灯) scheduled on 4th March 2013. If interested, you can check with the temple and register early ($40 per family).

Besides showing gratitude and contribution to the temple ( thus gaining one's merit),  this ritual would bless one's family with longevity and against bad luck for the whole year !

Huat AH !!!

Monday, 31 December 2012

Dec 2012 Lucky number: strike ibet !

Dec 2012 Tua Pek Kong Number came out Starter ibet  & what a nice ending for those whom have followed this blog and have made some extra $$.  Congrats to those whom striked !

Remember that we should all be thankful and show gratitude, regardless of the amount of the winnings.

As today is the last day of  2012, we should all take time to reflect and think of all of the good things that have granted to you for the past 1 year, and show gratitude for all these good experiences.

With a heart of gratitude, this would laid the foundation for many more good things to come to you, and while you drink & make merry, don't forget to share your goodness with the Gods & Deities & also those needy families whom need help. Today 31 Dec 2012  满日 is a good day to do some donation  or offerings !

If possible tonight do pop a champagne or sparking juice when come to new year count down 1st Jan. By such gesture, this create happy energies ( not just you but also million of people world-wide) and will start the year with a  "POP" and many bountiful returns will come to you !  I have been doing for past few years and its really enjoyable and most importantly... it worked !

Finally , thanks to my blog readers for the support & encouragement. Prosperity88 would like to wish all blog readers a Blessed & Happy New Year 2013 and ......Huat ah !!

Monday, 17 December 2012

December 2012 Tua Pek Kong Lucky Number !

Just out a few days ago. Huat Ah !

Since 2012  is coming to an end, remember to give thanksoffering to those temples you have gone during the begininng of the year or whom have given you blessings for all your accomplishment this year.

Remember sharing your goodness with the Gods & Deities will result in more goodness coming to you for the new year  ! :)

December 2012 Lucky Number

Monday, 26 November 2012

Making Offerings to Temple

Offerings to temple
Have you ever wondered why your prayer (praying for good luck, good health, profitable investment etc.) some time is not answered when you have been praying to Tua Pek Kong or other wealth deities ?

Just to share with you my personal experience & view on this :

One could give offerings to the respective temples to create enough merits for the prayers to manifest. Offerings is based on your own wishes and these could be through light / oil offerings, temple restoration, Good-Luck or Year-end thanksgiving prayers.

When you give offerings, you are actually "sowing" the seeds of prosperity and the principle of sowing is similar to sowing seeds as a farmer. It's the seeds that you sow receive a crop (a harvest of increase /return). Which is why Chinese /Taiwanese farmers in ancient times and till now continue to give offering to Tua Pek Kong which is the landlord of that land. They knew that in order to have a good harvest they must pray and give offerings to Tua Pek Kong.

So, if you have not been receiving the bountiful harvest, where is that ? What happened to it ? Where is it and who own it ?

Personally I believe that ALL good-hearted prayers will be answered by Tua Pek Kong and other deities. If you don't have it in your possession, I'll interpret it as it is still out in the "spiritual realm". Your harvest is still out in the God's realm (the spiritual realm) where it would eventually be released from the God to you.

It doesn't matter how long ago you planted the seed, your harvest is in the spiritual realm waiting for you to reap it. Unlike a typical harvest we see, which a farmer planted seed for, if it is not harvested or reaped during a certain time it will be spoilt. I believe that our harvest in the spiritual realm is permanent. In the earthly realm (ie realm where we are living) , harvests are perishable, but in the spiritual realm your spiritual harvests are ever-lasting.

Tua Pek Kong is a God. Whenever God gives something to us. it becomes manifest first in the realm where the God exists (that is, in the spiritual realm). In spiritual realm, it is not "initially" visible to us in earthly realm but eventually it will become visible here.... when we have activated our FAITH.

The activation of our FAITH will cause the unseen to become seen.

The spiritual realm is God's realm and it is eternal. Once God releases something to you and into that realm, it does not change. It doesn't matter how long ago you planted seed, your harvest is yet in the spiritual realm "waiting".

Remember the moment you sowed the seed, you activated the returns in the spritual realm but, you must now exercise your FAITH and PATIENCE in order to bring it out of the spiritual realm to you. All the conditions must be conducive ( ie. you must have enough "merits") for your harvest of return to come out of the spiritual realm to you.

It's like a farmer's seed that is sown into the ground, although it is not seen, it is in the ground (in the soil) germinating and eventually the seed will break through the soil and become visible on the surface. After some time, the farmer knew that it will produce the crop for which it was planted, with the right conditions (eg. sunlight, rain, fertiliser etc.. which is equivalent to your "merits").

So, one should try to consistently give offerings because if you sow nothing, you will get nothing. 
You sow little, you reap little; you sow big, you reap big. You must be happy when you give and not give with a unhappy thoughts. This concept of giving offerings and the benefits is consistent to all major religions Buddhism, Taoism, Christian, Hinduism, Islam etc.

If you have only a little to sow in the beginning, sow that little. Tua Pek Kong will take the little that you sow and will multiply it and you will receive much more than you sowed. Then, the size of your next seed could be more for a bigger harvest. !
A farmer understands how to plant an adequate amount of seed to produce a specific size crop. If you only have little in your possession, plant that little amount of seed  you have ( it could be as little as fifty cents :>)

I always believe that Tua Pek Kong will use what you have and will multiply and increase your harvest of returns ! Once you have your harvest of return just remember to give thanks to share your goodness with Tua Pek Kong & Tua Pek Kong will in turn share his goodness with you !!

Monday, 19 November 2012

18 Nov 2012 : Tua Pek Kong striked 4D again !

Reference to the post on 14 Nov 12:

5742 Came out iBet (4527) Starter on 18 Nov 12. Good Luck to those who strike  and consider to do some donation to the needy and the temple.

If your prayers have not been answered for some reasons, try this method and share with us your results. I personally have been doing this and have enjoyed successful results in things I embarked on and I'm thankful to Tua Pek Kong and the gods.

In US, this Thursday (22 Nov 12) is "Thanksgiving Day" and the whole week is Thanksgiving week. That is a public holiday in US where the whole country celebrate and give thanks and show gratitude for the blessings to God, their loved one and families for the whole year.

The principle of thanksgiving is the same regardless of the races or religions. We can also adopt this to increase our blessings from Tua Pek Kong or other wealth deities.

The ancient people (including the Chinese) believed that the act of thanksgiving protected their health, wealth and happiness and made these blessings permanent. Before embarking on a journey, going into battle, or facing any challenging situation, they gave "faith offerings" to their priests and temples in the faith that their mission would be successful.

After returning from the challenging experience, they went directly to their priest or place of worship and gave a "thank offering" in appreciation for the blessings received, and in order to seal their new good and to make it permanent.

At this Season of Thanksgiving, let us also gladly join the Ang-mo and share our "thank offerings" for the good we received. Let us gladly join them in sharing our "faith offerings" in anticipation for good on the way ! This is a great way to protect our good and to make it permanent.

For this purpose, pray that  "At this Season of Thanksgiving, I gladly share my "thank offerings" in appreciation for good received. I gladly share my "faith offerings" in anticipation of good on the way. This is a great way to protect my good and to make It permanent.  I joyously use this ancient thanksgiving success formula now. "

Do some offerings to the temple (e.g. light up lamps, donate to temple restoration, oil or rice donation etc)  and thank Tua Pek Kong or Gods you pray for the blessings you have received and have faith that more blessings are on the way to you !

If you can thank Tua Pek Kong in advance even before your wishes manifest physically, that's "first-class faith". Thanking God in advance is an expression of your belief that you have indeed received the answer to your prayer.

Once you really believe you already have it, you only have to wait for its physical  manifestation. It’s just a matter of time. If you can believe it, you can have it. Good luck ! :>